Sunday, January 23, 2011

Amélie is by far my favorite movie. Every single time I watch it I find something new to love. And this song is my absolute favorite piano song. Yann Tiersen is amazing.

I only like eggs sometimes. Whenever I make them I have to add sea salt and ginger, otherwise they taste gross. And if they are liquid-y at all, I can't eat them. My brother says that eggs are baby chickens that never had the chance to grow. I wonder if that's true. I always thought they weren't fertilized so they could never grow to be chickens. I guess I could look it up, but I kind of don't want to, because if they are baby chickens, then I won't eat eggs anymore. Which means I will hardly be able to eat anything.

My friend told me to meet him at the park. Once I arrived he sat me down to tell me all of the reasons why he loved being my friend and why he admired me. He actually had a list. It was the nicest thing anyone's ever done for me. I've never had someone be so blunt about all of my redeeming qualities. It made me really happy.

I despise the fact that this picture is a different orientation than the rest, but I couldn't not add it, so, I guess we'll all just have to endure.

I'm obesses with a movie called Paper Heart. It's so good. It's a mockumentary (a fake documentary) about a girl who doesn't believe in love. She goes around and interviews people about their stories and opinions about love. It's a super cute movie.

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