Thursday, March 3, 2011

things i've always thought about/paranoias

1.) What if life was a dream and dreams were real life? You're reading this right now, but in reality you're sitting in a bed and there are people/creatures by your side hoping you'll wake up soon.  Everything that's weird in your dream is really  just average. It's just a different time, or a different dimension.

2.) This is real. Right now you're in a white padded room: in a straight jacket. Everyone you know, is just a part of your imagination. I'm not real, your mom isn't real. Nothing is real. Other than the fact that you are psycho and a threat to humanity.

3.) What would happen if you went a  year without talking?

4.) What if you have a mental illness, but part of that illness is that you don't know you have one. The reason why no one says anything to you about it is because they've been instructed not to.

5.) (I don't know how to phrase this in the same structure as all the rest, but sometimes I think I'm secretly being filmed.)

6.) When you look into the mirror, the mirror image of yourself memorizes everything you do and how you act. One day, when the mirror image is ready, they will suck you into the mirror and take your place.

7.) Certain sequences of things (such as saying "bicycle" while making yourself a peanut butter sandwich with grape jelly and Lay's potato chips, while the song Transatlanticism by Death Cab for Cutie is playing and it's 3:08 p.m.) will be a secret code for another dimension or people in the future. If you do the right sequence then it opens up to you and you're sucked in. They only did this so it would be easier for them to travel, but they never thought it would happen to a human because the sequence was so precise, but alas. It happened to you.

8.) Suddenly, I will be transported somewhere else. (I especially have the fear of being in the shower and then being transported to a live television show. Or an Insane Clown Posse concert.)

Those are the things I worry about. I know none of them will ever happen (hopefully), but if they did, let's just say. I CALLED IT.
Side note: I did not get the dreams being real life and life the dream from Inception. I had the idea in 10th grade.

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  1. number 3. read Anthony Minguella's play "Cigarettes and Chocolate"