Thursday, June 7, 2012

"Everything beautiful in architecture has been done already."

Maybe, I'll stop talking in metaphors one day, because no one understand why I'm a robot anyways. Or why my gnomes are no longer necessary.

Maybe, I'll stop thinking boys will catch my hints, because I guess they haven't even heard of that word before.

Maybe, I'll stop not saying things I want to say in situations, because they would make for a much more interesting story later.

Maybe, I'll stop with all the nick names and I'll tell Lindsey I like that I understand her blog posts and I'll tell Shelbie I like the way her voice sounds and I'll tell Addy I like how she kissed him and I'll tell Chandler I like the way he sits and I'll tell Madeline I like her hair all the time and I'll tell Hailey I like her attitude towards life and I'll tell Cooper I like his mannerisms and his face and I'll tell Adam I like his awkward indie-ness and I'll tell Zac I like him the most and I'll tell Veronica I like impersonating her and I'll tell Ben I like his text-citement and I'll tell all those strangers I like the way their faces look and I like their button up shirts.

Maybe, I'll do that. 

Maybe, I'll chicken out, because I'm really not good with words in real life. I'm not good at saying goodbye at airports, and I'm not good at saying goodbye on the telephone. I'm not good at leaving voicemail messages and I'm not good at telling boys I like them. I'm not good at discussing the problems I'm having with the people I'm having them with. I'm not good at any of that, really. But, I suppose I should improve, because I don't want to turn into One Of Those People.

So, I'm going to start being awesome with words. I'm going to start answering your questions when you ask them, and I'm going to start telling the truth about what I think about you. I'll do that. I really will.

Just promise me you won't melt, ok? That really would make for a difficult situation come fall.

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