Saturday, April 30, 2011

I think I want to take a walk with you.

Vomit everywhere on my life.
102 degree fever. Coughing. MUCUS WHICH I HATE.
And a 9 hour work shift.


I really want to watch a good movie. Any suggestions?

Oh, and also my camera has started this new thing where it doesn't turn on! And it snowed today and is so beautiful! Bawl.

Well folks. That's all for now. I'm doing a nighttime photo shoot tonight!! Cheers!!

I love the snow. And you. And your dog if you have one. Animals are so nice. My dog threw up on my bed this morning. Poor little baby girl.

Also. If you haven't been to Bombay House, go there and get the mango ice cream. You will fall in love.

- Girl in my painting class: "haha! look! it says face!". Me: "that's stupid! haha! why would someone write face? that's not even like, a funny word or something!". Girl in my painting class: "... I think I wrote that last week. It looks like my handwriting.". Me: (silence) "well it's ok if it was you... because... that's just your personality, but like..(rambles on). My thoughts: Emily. Shut up already. You've already screwed up. There's no coming back from this one.

- Me: "Alright. Here's your receipt! Thank you so much!" Tall, awkward proportioned, middle aged, man customer: Thank you.... Emily. (Can you say awkward use of a name?! Delayed as well. I hate my name tag.)


  1. Oh girl ! I hate colds. Get better...
    Mormon Fashion blogger here too and following your cute blog. You have great style !

  2. What I am about to say may qualify for the lamest comment ever.
    But, you asked for a movie suggestion.
    I watched Father of the Bride yesterday all wrapped up in a blanket.
    I'm not sure if it was the movie or my comfy blanket, but it was a good experience and I highly suggest that movie.
    I love your blog, and you.
    That is all.