Friday, July 1, 2011

For some reason it seems like everyone on Dawson's Creek has lazy eyes.

Hey guys.
Fourth of July is bomb and I cannot wait. It's my second favorite holiday.
Also, I hate it in movies where the actors are talking and kissing, but they kiss in between each word.
You know?

girl: we need (kiss) to go (kiss)
boy: don't worry (kiss) the horses can take care of (kiss) themselves.
(end example.)

Joey and Pacey. Poey? Jacey? We'll think on it.

Thrifting in Opelika is amazing.
I got a straw hat for $2.
Leather bag $15, black dress $10, and lace overlay $12.

Pictures will be posted tomorrow after the PHOTOSHOOT IN THE WOODS.

Check it fellows.

Harry Potter is coming up.
As is my fettechini.
Too much. Blick.


  1. I love Dawson's Creek and I vote for Poey, sounds more ridiculous :)

  2. lovely outfit darling <3 happy independence day!

    autumn jordan

  3. I really love your cute blog :D There are lots of cool pictures and I love looking at them! :)