Sunday, July 17, 2011

I shaved my head.

I've been watching Lifetime movies as of late. You know, the really good quality ones with the quality actors and the quality music and the quality plots?

I find them so enjoyable, I have decided to start reviewing them. You know, just because I never leave the house to take any photos or even get ready these days.

Actually, I dropped off a film roll to get developed but the GREAT PEOPLE have not developed it yet... four days after they said it would be done.
we are to play the waiting game dear friends.

Feel free to comment with your own review if you have seen any of these (or to go and rent them, ow ow!).
I am actually not 100% positive where that "ow ow" came from, or what it's supposed to mean. I'm sorry if it made you feel uncomfortable.

(Also, I didn't really shave my head. Sorry.)

Accused At 17:
Lifetime movie rating - ****

Plot - A teenager is accused of murdering a classmate and claims that she was framed by her best friend. Her mother must try to find the truth.


This girl (above) is the reason you should watch this film. Keep and eye out for her... she makes the movie.

My personal reaction to this film was "Cool. What better ways could I have spent the last 90 minutes?
I could have cleaned my room, made a delicious cake complete with frosting and a photo of Cameron Mitchell on the face, done a complete oral care routine three times, spoken with multiple cashiers and multiple shops, or bonded with my dog through an enjoyable walk and picnic.

Instead, I watched a crazy girl with curiously dark eyebrows (fake? what?) murder someone, friends betray each other, redemption restore relationships (Mr. Popper's Penguins anyone?), and A KILLER BE CAUGHT.
It was intense folks.
No gonna lie.

I mean, I would still like those 90 minutes back.
But seeing as how that's impossible,
I have agreed to live humbly with the events that occurred.

Do yourself a favor.
Only watch this film, or, for that matter, any other Lifetime film if you have absolutely no expectations for how it will turn out.

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