Friday, August 5, 2011

All I want to do is ride bikes with you.

dress -
belt - rue 21
tights - maceys
mary janes - urban outfitters

I am currently at the Boise airport. It really isn't as bad as you'd think. They have this little art gallery with the most adorable picture I have ever seen (I will link it up later).

Ok. My eye is seriously bothering me. You know when you can feel that there's something in it, but it isn't like way itchy so you just let it go because you'd rather have it be slightly bothersome than extremely itchy?
That's what's happening to me at the moment.

What if humans didn't have eyes and we could just read objects? Like the walls and stuff could send brain signals so we wouldn't run into them? That would save so much pain, but I guess it would kind of suck because then we couldn't see Santa Clause or snow or the sunset or people fall. We could just have like one eye. Like a cyclops. 
Then we would only have to worry half as much, but still get the full benefits of sight.

Well folks, I'm off to play a game of chess with my brother.
Speaking of which, yesterday he tried to tell me he had insomnia. I kept telling him it was just because he stayed up late at night and slept during the day, but he REFUSED. 
I walked by his room about an hour and a half later and the little dear was sleeping like no other mother. Lol!

Oh, and speaking of deer, I used to work with this kid who every time I would say, "Chandler, be a dear and grab me that soda." would put his hands up like antlers first, and then grab the soda. Hahahaaahahah.
People are so great.

**EDIT: I could not find a photo of the painting online, so I sneakily took one myself. The artist's name is Jaki Katz Ashford and she has a very intriguing style. Look at the the painting Father Figure.


p.s. take me home. i'd rather die than be with you.

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