Monday, August 29, 2011

You've gotta believe me this time.

I don't really have anything important to say, so I will share with you my first roll of film.
I have another, but I still have four photos left on it and I'm waiting for the perfect moments. I feel like I just kind of wasted this first one. I just got really excited and took pictures of everything.

One time, me and Twin skipped the last day of school and sat at the amphitheatre. It was really pretty. I kind of wish something super eventful would happen to me there, but it never does.

I thought this was my last day of work, but I've actually been back to work many times since then. It was a beautiful day though. I had to park five bazillion miles away.

My mom is making a malt right now. Earlier she was just spooning the malt powder into her mouth. To me that's disgusting, but I guess it floats her boat.

My mother's sunglasses and a mustache from my brother's old work create my only friend.
I call him Hubert.

This was my last day in painting. I loved that class with all my heart. My teacher was the funniest woman in the world. I am taking Independent Study this year and putting together an AP portfolio, so I still get to see her.


Life on death.

Driving to school on my last day.
My neighborhood used to look a lot less ghetto, but then they did all this construction. Now, our roads are uneven and it looks terrible. I don't understand why it's so hard for them to blend the new tar in. Seriously.

"what're you looking for?"
I think this is awesome because it's a pun? I think that's the word. I just learned about all those, but I can't remember which is which. It can mean what are you looking for in this bin, or what are you looking for in life. Oh the joys of creative art students.

The hallway to my painting class. Some ducks got out a week before school started and they were running all around. My teacher fed them and the custodians got mad and took away her key. Bless her soul. Curse theirs.

Animal Science.
Never take it.
Unless you enjoy people who hate Peta and vegetarians, and have a hatred for people who treat animals with loving care and give them the same attention as they would give a human.
Some people never fail to disappoint me.
Oh, but I'm not talking about these girls. They are awesome and rock my life out.

Chinchillas. They are so adorable, but are super hard to hold. They flail around like no other mother. But it is the cutest thing when they eat from your hand.

Well folks, that's all. I've almost finished my 2nd film roll. Hopefully, the photography teacher will let me use the dark room. Cross your fingers for me.

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  1. Charly the Chinchillla when is our book going to happen!!
    I like your pictures.