Friday, May 20, 2011

Watch me eat a waffle.

Andy Warhol has nothing on me.

My internet has not been working.

But, I have talked to the boy with the mullet.
And he is just as attractive as I imagined.

Amelie is my favorite movie.
I talk to my dog like she's a human.
I secretly don't want to wear socks tomorrow so I can borrow Shelbie's extra pair.


Only twenty-three short days until I am re-united with my BFF.

Margo is in love with chocolate chip waffles.

Well folks, that's basically the update.

Three questions:
1.) Have you ever peed your pants?
2.) What is your favorite type of cat?
3.) Would you rather see an alien or a unicorn? (Also, why is that not "an" unicorn? English Honors did nothing to prepare me for the confusion I feel at this moment.)

Enjoy your life. 
The world is supposed to end on Saturday.


  1. Watch me eat a waffle!!!!
    Haha so weird!!!

    Who is shelbie and why are you trying to steal her socks?
    I only love the cat I ha in college because he was adorable!
    Unicorn for sure! I believe!

    BFF!!! Only a few more days! And it will be the best cause you won't have school!
    I haven't heard anything about the world ending?

  2. You named your stomach! Hahah
    Also I loved your silent film
    I found myself smiling with you, eating with you, and have those awkward glances with you. Because you are my sister.

  3. a) watching you eat that waffle is the strangest, most awkward, humorous thing that has ever happened to me.
    b) you can always borrow my extra pair. but only because i love you.
    c)you already know my favorite kind of cat.
    D) you're a keeper.

  4. i love the vintage feel to all your photos. it just takes me back to an age i have never been before. its so fresh and inviting.... hay... i wish i could live here.

  5. i LOVE this! it totally made my morning =]