Saturday, August 27, 2011

"I've eaten a bag of green apples, boarded the train there's no getting off"

Dress for sale... email me if you're interested and we'll pick a price:)

Ok. Multiple things need to happen right now.

1st. No. I am not pregnant. Even though I got proposed to tonight. Kinda of. Not really. I just like Sylvia Plath.

2nd. No. I am not obsessed with myself and/or emo. My
hairstylist/sister/coolestpersoni'veeverknown (you're welcome) moved to the great ole state of Alabama.
So, I just mixed our leftover color and dyed it myself. She needed to know how it turned out, hence the uncomfortable close ups.

Moving on with life.
School is just grand.
I've only got two classes each day.
So, I guess four. Well, five if you count Dental Assisting. Which counts. So, I have five classes.
AP language = "Describe yourself in three words" "Art, psychology, strange." "Explain strange?"
AP calculus = "I've been reading this book about the brain..."
Dental Assisting = "Everyone!! When the clock says 12:10, I'm going to clear my throat and then everyone push the bar to make your chair go down! It will be so funny! Ms. Sherilyn will be so confused!!!!!" (silence) "Ok. Never mind."
Seminary = Alena. That's all.
AP art = Ms. Coletti. That's all also.

I actually don't know why I just wrote that.
Like, thinking back on it, none of that really makes sense.
(that awkward moment where nothing happens)

Well, I will leave you with one last thing before I head off to bed.
Oh my gosh, my dog smells so bad. I feel really bad, because I don't want to kick her off my bed, but she smells horrid!!
Oh the problems.

Ok. The last thing.

You're welcome.


  1. You and I, we would have got on far too well at school! I'm pretty sure I have said this exact same thing and got the exact same response... "Everybody, at 12:10 I will clear my throat and we all push the bar on our chairs to make them go down" HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! You are genius... (as am I obviously!!!) I was thinking about how to write you an email all last night, it seems impossible now, I have left it too long. I shoudl start again, pretend like i don't know you!
    but I love you xxxx

  2. I love your hair! I am jealous of it.
    I hate school and that your in it. Caues you don't have time to be a stay at house person with me.