Thursday, August 18, 2011

I'm hearing voices and they're not mine.

Ok. I'm debating on whether or not to do a giveaway.

Ok. I am doing a giveaway of this top.
You must be a follower (I don't want creepers!) and you must comment telling me what you love most about yourself.
The one I'm wearing is a small, but I also have a medium.

That's all!


I took a most of my clothes to the consignment store, but I saved a few. I'm pretty sure only like ten people read this blog, but you ten people deserve something nice!

Maybe I'll start doing like monthly giveaways or something, at least until I run out of clothing.

Also, I have added some new items to the shop. Please, check it out! Due to some unfortunate events (I will tell you tomorrow) I am out about $80. My once $1,600 savings for college has become $1,000. I'm screwed.

I have always wanted to live off Ramen noodles though. So, maybe this isn't that bad.
Hey! Speaking of food, Costco rotisserie chicken will be the scent in my personal hell. I can not stand it. It makes me wish I was born without a nose.
And that's saying something.

No offense to Costco, they have delicious cupcakes and grapes and muffins and bagels and Parmesan/avocado (?) dip and cheese pizza and veggie burgers.
But their chicken is something else.

And not in the good way.


  1. I am pretty sure that a lot more than 10 people read your blog, but you are seriously awesome. This blog is my favorite out of about the 20 that I read.

  2. I read your blog. And your blog is awesome. So there.

    plus i like the freckles in my eyes. can i win your super cute shirt?


  3. i love nothing about myself because i don't want that shirt i already have it.
    Would you like me to advertise your blog??? I can i have plenty of time on my hands. ALso remember mom gave you a cookbook about all the different things to do with Roman Noodles. Well that might just come in handy.
    I am sending you a india surprise come october so be excited.
    OSad you don't like that chicken thats what i was getting you for your birthday.