Tuesday, June 5, 2012

These photos are from my graduation and have nothing to do with what I wrote.

I'm not asking for a lot, really.

Just a picnic at Fairyland with the button up shirt you wore in that one picture. And a Dawson's Creek marathon because there's nothing else to do. Oh, and maybe some of that cheese that you talk so fondly of. I could use some of that. Just not the kind I had before. Not the flowers-on-Valentine's-day kind. I'm talking about the first-kiss-while-playing-laser-tag type. The non-disgusting-PDA type. The swimming-and-snow-cones type.  The notes-and-secrets type. That kind is so much better, wouldn't you agree? And let's have some late night chats around fake things while we're at it, and agree high school is stupid. Let's discuss things we know nothing about and pretend to be mature. It's better than being the epitome of high school douche bag, even if high school doesn't think so. Let's drink things we can't pronounce and try to break social norms. Let's avoid social events and go to the arcade every day until we can pool our tickets together and buy a lava lamp. 

Let's make sure to just do things without asking permission, because we don't want to turn into Alex. Oh, and lastly, let's make sure this doesn't melt into the last half of August, because I have things to do and I know you've got those plans of yours.

P.S. Dear Girl Who Doesn't Need A Nickname, don't show this to anyone. If you catch my drift.


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