Saturday, December 22, 2012

I finally have the lipstick on right but I don't feel pretty. -Christina

In reality, these titles have nothing to do with the posts. Just remember that.

Actually, this title came from Poetry Night (like all of the rest) and this girl had some really great poetry. If I can remember right, she rapped Regina Spektor. It was quite strange at first, but it was actually super cool.

I miss little Poetry Night. Definitely not scheduling another night class. Definitely attending for the rest of my days here.

Maybe Thursdays will be Poetry Night and homework nights. Even though every night should be homework night. Mark my words Cyberspace, Winter semester will be good. It will be full of 100% attendance and straight As. Hopefully.

Well, I'm off to schedule another blog post, because I suck at blogging.

Actually, maybe I'll edit some photos. That sounds a lot more fun. Anyways.

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