Thursday, June 13, 2013

6 13 2013: naked fish

Ah, sorry for doing two terrible iPhone photo posts in a row! I really need to start taking my camera places. Well, I actually did take my camera when we went to Naked Fish, but I don't know. I just felt like it would be weird to pop 'er out and start snappin pics.
But, it was Jake's dad's birthday on Tuesday and he's really into sushi, so we went to Naked Fish. It's supposedly the best sushi restaurant/restaurant in general in Utah! So, that's cool. We got edamame and spicy edamame to start. I'm not too obsessed with spicy things, but spicy edamame is really good. I think it's healthy for little vegetarians like myself as well, so pear haps I shall add it to my diet. My mom eats it all the time and I used to think it was like, the weirdest thing ever.
I got the vegetarian sushi and it was my second time ever eating sushi. I know it's like the trendy thing to do right now, but I just never got into it. One time we went to Sukura, and the chef was appalled that no one out of our 6 party had ever had it, so he brought us out all this sushi and no one like it ha ha ha. 
But, I quite liked mine. I think it was the raw fish that threw me before. This one had like asparagus and some other green vegetables that I couldn't identify. And those things on the left ("rice pillows" as Jake calls them) were delish. They were almost like a dessert. 
All in all, I would definitely recommend Naked Fish if you are ever in downtown Salt Lake. Thanks to Papa Coop for taking us all!

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P.S. They don't have forks though... at least not on the table, so make sure your chopstick skills are adequate!

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  1. Oh hey, you two match!
    I didn't tell you this, but I'm not a real vegetarian. I actually eat fish because sushi is my all time favorite food. I can't give it up!