Wednesday, June 19, 2013

6 19 2013: from the farmer's market

LOL. This is what happens when I try to take photos of myself in completely public places with my 35 mm lens. I should have used my remote, but I am no where near ready for that yet!

So, on Saturday I went to downtown Salt Lake for their weekly farmer's market. Jake was having a guys weekend, so I just went by myself!
It was a step for me, because for the most part I have trouble going out and doing things by myself. It wasn't until college that I could go through the drive-thru or to a restaurant to get food by myself. I just feel stupid going places where everyone else is talking to someone, you know? If it's grocery shopping or clothes shopping, then whatever, because lots of people do that alone. But, if it's like an event, such a market or a gallery stroll, it's a little more difficult for me to go by myself. I have tried it a couple times in the past and I just felt like an idiot. Except I don't mind going to concerts alone, but that's it.
It was sort of awkward at first, I felt like people were all, "Look at that loser girl here by herself", but honestly, I feel like having a wedding ring on helps, because then it's like, "Yeah, she's a loser being here alone, but SOMEONE loves her." Hahahahhaaha. But, anyways, I got a really cool shirt and saw some birds from the aviary sanctuary that everyone thinks is a midget village. And of course I couldn't leave without going to Brugee's! I waited in a twenty minute line and listened to an awkward first date. I got a table on the sidewalk, but then these men came and sat down next to me and they were literally talking about how one of them peed on someone's suburban and how that person still didn't know it was him and his friends who did it... I was like, honestly? You are like 40 and have a wife who you got a waffle for who you think isn't going to eat it so you shouldn't have gotten it, but you got it anyways. Like, shouldn't you be doing more productive things than urinating on someone's suburban? 
Anyways. Then I wandered around a bit and found a great dress at a thrift store that I shall post photos of later, and I also found this. It was obviously meant to be mine, considering I found it in a rare book store on a cart in the back underneath some other books that hadn't been put away yet.
Then I came home and went out on a shoot and then saw The Great Gatsby! All in all, a great day.

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  1. I've gone to the farmer's market alone. I really liked it. But girl, I would never go to a concert alone!! Unless I really, really, liked the band, I guess. And that band would be Eisley. Or The Format. But they're broken up, so.

    I laughed so hard at this: "Yeah, she's a loser being here alone, but SOMEONE loves her." hahahahahahaha.... ha. I also like going to movies by myself. The one time I did that I picked the right movie: Water for Elephants. I cried like a little B and I didn't have to worry about anyone really noticing.