Monday, August 15, 2011

Joy in your garden.

Sometimes, I read others people's blogs and I feel like I should be better educated. That way I could post poetry, or songs I've written, or some random, obscure talent that no one even knows exists.

Then, I feel a compulsive need to plan my future. So, I choose the Diner's Platinum 50 meal plan ($1,650), shared room in Heritage Hall ($3,000), two semester tuition ($4,560), and realize that college will cost me about $9,210.
Not including gas, vehicle payments, and oddities.

Then I move on to scholarships, and decide that my ACT score needs to be above a 30 for me to be happy with myself, and my GPA needs to be at least a 3.8. Also, I need to be taking 12 plus hours for a grant.

Then, I realize that I will probably not even get into BYU, crumble up the paper I just spent an hour making, and throw it away.

And the best part is, next week I will do it all over again.

Let's hear it for compulsions.


  1. ladylove! you are so talented! applying for schools is hella stressfull, but byu would be so lucky to have you. you're a hard worker, you're well traveled, your dedicated, and very bright! I mean *cough* there's always bennington *cough*.

    autumn jordan

  2. I wouldn't do the platinum meal plan. If you are in heritage you can cook!

  3. Do the lowest meal .I think thats all i used. Plus you eat weird so it would be a waste of money. JUst go buy some Roman and salad and chips and salsa and lemonade and milk and bread and peanut butter and cookies and jam and you will be set.
    i will send you love packages of food.
    Go get a waitressing job