Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I would like to marry the Swedish boy.

Ok. I hate my blog.
Want to know why?

No one used to know about it. I could literally write anything, and know I'd be completely safe. I could rage on my brother, or complain about that skanky ex best friend, or give day to day updates on my current stalkee.

I can't do that anymore, because now people I know actually read it. This means that I have two choices.

1.) Stop revealing personal information.
2.) Use a secret language that only I will understand.
3.) Suck it up and let people know how I really feel.

See, I would very much like to choose number three... however, I would like to remain a non-bitch. Pardon my french.

So, I will go with option number two. 
If you think I am referring to you... chances are, you're probably right. Maybe I'll toughen up someday and tell you to your face, but until then, I will stay right here in my comfort zone. Remaining hidden behind this blog.

And I'm fine with that.


To you: Stop giving it control over your life. You're perfectly capable. 
To you: I still think you do it.
To you: Mignon. Enough said.
To you: COME ON.

And last, but certainly not least.
To you: You are Swedish and I would like to elope. I don't know your name, but you were in my dream last night and I'm taking that as a sign.


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