Thursday, December 15, 2011


TO LITTLE MISS: Yes. That is Mandy. I love her to death. I tried to find out who you were, but failed miserable. Your name?

TO EVERYONE: I went to a punk/ska concert at The Underground on Tuesday night.
The lineup....
Well. I actually can't find it anywhere. So, I'm pulling this from my memory.

Hob Nob. 
The Mooks.
Salt Lake City Sound.

Eh. That's all I can remember. I quite  like The Mooks. They had some song about kissing that was quite enjoyable. I liked watching Hob Nob as well. The gents in the band attend my school. So, I felt slightly stalkerish, but everyone has to be a stalker at some point in their life.

Well, here are some photos and video of the evening's festivities.

Oh, and no, I do not usually listen to ska and screamo. It was a very new experience. I like ska a lot though.

Get out of your comfort zone.


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