Monday, October 8, 2012

trust me

+Gardner Village with the fam

I think they want the old Emily. Actually, I know they want the old Emily. The Saturday-Night boy even said so. And the Childhood-Friend hasn't said so, but I think we both know the truth. Pretty-Eyes hasn't said much either, because he's not hearing the voice he wants to hear. The old Emily is in July though. And half of August. She isn't coming back, you guys. She is dead. She is rotting in the cellar of Beans and Brews among dinosaurs and cavemen. She is never coming back no matter how many potions you feed her, no matter spells you put on her, and no matter how many prayers you say for her. She is bones now and she will be forever.

The new one arrived at 9:42 on a Wednesday morning. She scrubbed the dirt off her hands and crawled to the lake. She drank the whole thing in seven gulps and slept for the rest of the season. She's here now and she's got plans tattooed all over her body. She's got teal hair and pine trees for hands. She's got words for days that no one will hear. The world is turning white with every step she takes.

Move over, Old-Emily-Fans. New things are coming and you've gotta take it or leave it. Make sure you choose right though, because this time there isn't going to be a second chance.


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