Wednesday, February 27, 2013

2 27 2013

Thanksgiving, you guys.

I know it’s over, but please allow me to express my hatred for this holiday.

No, I do not like stuffing.
No, I do not eat turkey.
No, I do not like mashed potatoes.
No, I do not like pumpkin pie.
No, I do not like gravy.
No, I do not like turkeys.
No, I do not like brown.
No, I do not like cooking in the kitchen all day.
No, I do not like doing everyone’s dishes.
No, I do not like slaving away while the men watch television and then eat and then burp and then make me clean up their food.

Maybe that was a bit much.

Also, this photo is from Valentine’s Day.

Anyways. Mainly I’m wishing my hair was three inches longer and I weighed ten pounds less and also that the Japanese Blossom in my front yard would get those really pretty white blossoms with red edges.

Let’s talk about nerd glasses. Note to world: if you don’t need glasses, please don’t pretend like you do.

Note to hipsters: why do you insist on only occupying Provo?

Note to readers: farewell.

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