Wednesday, March 13, 2013

3 13 2013

The truth is, here is my list of things to blog about:
  • weddings
  • teaching/the school system
  • boy who don’t pay
  • freud’s theory that the past determines the future
  • adler’s theory that the present determines the past

Honestly, I don’t really want to blog about those things anymore. They can all be explained  in three sentences.
  • weddings are stupid and the only reason everyone has one is because it isn’t socially acceptable to not have one. this is stupid, because since when does society dictate our life? oh yeah, since always.
  • i just went to 12 years of generals. now, i am paying 10,000 (or up) to take more generals. ask me how i feel about that.
  • if you are a boy taking a girl somewhere, you pay for her. especially if it’s a date, you better pay for her. end of story.
  • maybe the past does determine the future, because the choices you make lead you to where you are today. but that would mean that each experience matters. i don’t know how i feel about that.
  • maybe the present determines that past, because you can remember things and shape them to be a good experience or a bad experience. i like thinking of it like that, because it makes it seem like we have the ultimate control over everything that happens to us. even though we don’t, but we can still choose how to let events affect us and how we react to them. 

Basically, you just read five days worth of blogging in under five minutes.
Doesn’t it make blogging seem useless?
Like, who cares about someone else’s thoughts. 

Unless you are Taza and Husband of course, then everyone cares about everything, including where you buy your silverware, and how you braid your bangs. 

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