Tuesday, March 12, 2013

3 2 2013

Lately, my lips are dry and I’m eating half of my meals.

There are 24 days of class left and I’m annoying with 87% percent of humanity.

As far as life goes, it consists of school, work, and hanging out with JC.

Activities err day, folks.

Currently, our hang out streak is... 74 days.

Also, can we just focus on the fact that life is so amazing? I mean, I could have ended up dating some fool, and instead I am dating the world’s nicest/great/most awesome human. Like, literally though. Everyone needs a Jake Cooper. It’s a thing. 

I don’t know. I guess life is just weird sometimes. The kids who were the shiz in high school aren’t the shiz now, and nobody knows why. They just don’t want the same things anymore, I guess.

And it’s ok. Because it’s their life and they can do what they want with it. But, it’s also just interesting where everyone is now. I mean, some are married and having babies and others are having babies and not married and others are doing drugs or in rehab or staring at walls contemplating death. It’s just strange.

Mainly, I’m just so freaking glad I’m dating Jake Cooper and not the A boy or the D boy or the C boy or the J boy or the T boy or the L boy or the A boy. None of them even come close to a Jake Cooper. Like, they are in the Andromeda Galaxy, and that’s the closest they will ever come to being a Jake Cooper.

Maybe, I’m just obsessed, or maybe the universe decided it would finally be a good idea to give me a nice man. 

Either way, I’m happy. 

- - - - -

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