Wednesday, April 3, 2013

4 3 2013

I miss picnic spot and staying out late doing nothing and going to scary parks and talking about traveling and gossiping about people and getting advice and laughing at things that aren't funny and talking about how much the world sucks and how twisted society is and going to Sonic and getting mozzarella sticks every time and visiting Sam and Lyndsey at their new apartment and how you waited for me by my car forever that night just because we hadn't hung out in a while and you were sick of it and just talking in the car for hours and doing nothing and Ralph and poker night and the time Camron and Alex took forever to come down from their hike up the mountain and we just sat there and talked.

I miss stalking boys at Beans and Brews and taking photos and pretending we are photographers and talking about how much we hate Thrifted Things and how much we hate most things that exist and dishing the dirt on people we know and saying stupid things and messing up on words and trying to have some sort of love life even though we never liked anyone we dated.

I miss making Nick run around the park in his underwear and doorbell ditching that house and going into your neighbors tree house only to have them pull up in the driveway after ten minutes and eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches during lunch and eating pizza on the weekend and building lego towers and exchanging mix cds every monday and going to concerts and baking cakes.

I miss Vernina and everything that came with that stage and the day we took Lily with us to Kohlers and the time we told my friend your name was Ivein and drawing on colored paper with colored markers and talking about rehab and our notebook that we passed back and forth the entire time you were in there and Starbuck's and leaving Kaden brownies and throwing rocks at his window and The Melting Pot and "vomit everywhere" and puzzles.

I miss photoshoots and leaving food at peoples houses while we're babysitting and doing nails and reading Twilight and becoming obsessed with skaters who sing on YouTube and obsessing over Philip Craig for like a second and roaming the neighborhood at night and being fashionable and eating lunch like cool kids and loving the emo couples and hating that one kid and talking about school and people at school and how much we wanted to be somewhere other than Utah county.

I miss eating those awkward shaped suckers and being best friends junior year and numbering the awkward couples because there are just too many of them and being obsessed with Jake Anderson and hating the ward kids but loving them at the same time and "holla at your boy when he wearing those jeans" and all of the other things we used to say and young women's and talking about the crazy people in the ward.

I miss you, Zac, Lindsey, Adam, Dalton, Mady, Aubree. 
I miss the stupid stuff we used to do (to ourselves, and also to other people). I miss you guys weighing in on my life and my problems. I don't talk to the majority of you nearly as much as I should, and probably only one of you will read this (Lindsey), but I miss you guys and want you to know that my adolescent life would not have been the same without every single one of you. Thank you for being my friend and thank you for helping me and hanging out with me and just for being with me.

You are all great people and I'm so glad we had our time. 
I will never forget you. No matter what happens.

- - - - -

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