Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My eyes itches. Also, the hum of this refridgerator is an onomatopoeia.

Wow. I am so freaking far behind on blog stalking all of you it's ridiculous. (p.s. if you have a blog and I don't know about it, please give me your link)

So, I think I am just going to spend tomorrow stalking it up. IT'S GETTING STALKIN' HURRR!

Ok. Well, quick shout out to my dearest Barcelona/Japan/English friend, Zooey.

Dear Zooey, why did you delete your blog? I love you. More than you know...

Aren't you glad that happened?

Well folks, It's Thursday, and my New Music Monday was a while ago, so I will simply leave you with the most delicious play list ever. Known to man. Or woman. I'm not a sexist. Or an ageist, which I discovered was a word, because I went to a play with my mother and she was talking about how she liked the narrator to be younger. Ageism. It's gets the best of us.

  1. Last Resort - Papa Roach
  2. Breakfast In Bed - Dntel
  3. Nothing Came Out - The Moldy Peaches (I finally learned how to play this on the guitar. Bless Adam's soul.)
  4. Lucky Number Nine - The Moldy Peaches
  5. Comptine d'un Autre été - Amélie Soundtrack (The best movie you will ever watch. Right Zooey?)
  6. Lullaby - The Cure
  7. Caravane - Raphael
  8. Click, Click, Click, Click - Bishop Allen
  9. Stay (cover) - Katie Brandeburg (only on youtube)
  10. New Slang - The Shins
  11. No - The Summer Salts
  12. Bruises - Chairlift (This will be stuck in your head all day.)
  13. Basic Space - The Xx (SWOON)
  14. F You (clean) - Lily Allen
  15. Just Impolite - Plushgun
  16. The Quiz - Hello Saferide (I also adore this one.)

Actually, maybe I will just make a YouTube play list?? Yes. Hold on a moment.
Have a listen while you blog stalk.
It's quite enjoyable.

Well, I'm off to bed. Oh, I asked the film teacher about using his lab and he said I could as long as I came Tuesday-Thursday, and only after school, and only on A days. It's a lot of specifications, but hey, it's free. I only have to pay $1.60 for a roll of black and white film. That fact alone rocks my face off, because I have no FREAKING idea where they sell black and white film.


Well, I'm off to hopefully dream about teleporting places.
Goodnight world. Or good morning... Whatever.

Sincerely, Emily


  1. super fun post girl! PS I hope you had tons of fun in seattle during august!!