Thursday, November 8, 2012

destiny gets nervous

It really does though.

Of life and of living. Of what might happen if everyday at 8 o'clock I'm sitting in my first class with a notepad and pencil. Of vanilla chai teas and the 40 year old customer who is stoned out of his mind everyday. Or words and photos and Facebook relationship statuses. Of what happens is friends are outgrown. Of strained relationships and empty therapy chairs. Of sadness and tears and the color blue. 

It gets nervous just like we get nervous, so why don't we all just close our eyes. Right now. Just for one second. It might not all turn out the way it's supposed to. We might miss the most important opportunities in our lives and we might mess up 17 times. But, that's alright. Because the most important things come back to us. They never give up on us. The world will guide us where we are supposed ot go. We might not get there in our own time frame, but we will get there eventually. That's all that matters.

- - - - -

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