Monday, November 5, 2012

falsetto never fails

Definitely took these in a Blockbuster parking lot.
Judge me.

Friday night, I went in to get Pyscho and left with a membership card, "unlimited rentals for just $7.49 a month", and Devil. No one knows how that happened. I had to go in and cancel everything today. I just felt bad for the cashier! The boys in front of me were being dbs and taking years to pay for their movie. Plus, the manager was all up in my business too. "Plus, I could have sworn I heard you say you heard it on the radio... which means your first month is free!!!!" Like, GTFO manager guy, no one wants your subscription. That's what Netflix is for. Plus, you don't even have Psycho, so...

For reals though. I'm having small panic attacks. Picture this: It's a Friday night. You and your POC (person of choice) are searching for an activity. You see a clown and decide you want to watch IT. Not just because it's scary and Halloween time, but also because Stephen King is a genius and you may or may not have a slight obsession with anything/everything he does, including his perfect house in Maine and his eye glasses. Ok. Moving on. You check Netflix streaming. It isn't there. You go to the nearest Redbox. It isn't there either. You check Cinemark. It isn't there. You lose all friends for checking a movie theatre. Obviously. You go to Blockbuster, the one in Af, because the one in Orem closed, because their rent was $35,000. Blockbuster doesn't have it either.

You don't have any!!!! There are no other video stores in the area. You are forced to purchase it.

$20.00 later you are sitting in your basement watching It with your POC. Not eating popcorn, because you have no money left for concessions.

I'm scared for this world, folks. I really am.


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