Tuesday, April 2, 2013

4 1 2013

Today is the start of the written diary, I suppose. I don't have any photos for you, because one set is a surprise and the other set is not done being edited.

This morning started out alright, complete with skipping Music 202. And Plants. And Psych 111. Solely to eat candy and watch Gossip Girl. Star pupil.

I also studied for Astronomy, ate an egg and Swiss cheese breakfast burrito, and headed off to the post office.

After standing in line for a decent amount of time, some lady crawls out from the back and yells "The credit card machines aren't working, people. We only are accepting cash and check."
FML, right. I had to send a package to this girl from a Poshmark sale, also I still had to take my Astronomy test, and didn't want to waste years chasing down a post office that was functioning. Luckily, the nicest old man in the world was working there. I told him I had already paid my postage, and just needed to pay for the envelope I was sending it in. Honestly, I was expecting him to make me take out my items and throw the envelope away, because post office people are always cruel like that. But, he told me I could pay next time and shipped it for me! Like, nicest!!

Then, I went to the Indian store and bought a Limca. Apparently, you have to spend $5 if you want to use a credit card, so I added on some cookies and it was lamely only $2. So, I bought some henna! Yay! I'm running out of things to henna and places to henna. I mean, every time I do it I can only think of skulls and aliens, so. I actually haven't done an alien yet though, so pear haps I shall do it on the morrow.

Then, I headed to school to study Astronomy with Kaitlyn (spelling? sorry!) and some kid approached us while we were in the library and was like, "I'm sorry, are you guys studying for astronomy?" We were like, "UH, YES." He asked if he could study with us and turned out to be like a complete genius. The whole time we were walking to the testing center after our three hour study sesh, we kept saying how we felt we would do so good since we studied with the Modern Day Albert Einstein. 
(Side note: My first two test scores were both 66%.)
So, I go in, take it, feel awesome, feel genius, turn it in, walk out, check my score.
56 MO FOS.
Like, seriously?!?!?!?!??! How is it possible to do worse when you study more, and with smarter people? Honestly, I have no idea, but needless to say I was pissed.

I then went to Jake's apartment for dinner and planned his school schedule, because we had registration tonight at 12. So, I come home, stay up, and wait for 12. As 11:59 rolls in, I get all ready to start adding my classes that have literally been planned and organized for months. 

Well, fail.
Because, I do not have an ecclesiastical endorsement for next semester. SHOOT MY FACE OFF.
For you non-lds people... BYU is a private religious school and in order to attend you have to get permission from your religious leader. Which apparently they don't tell you. So, needless to say, 2 of the 5 classes I wanted to register for already have wait lists that are twenty people long.

So help me if I do not get into Psychological Statistics.
The world will know the wrath of my fury.

Anyways, basically that's it. 
Also, upon adjusting my sheets, I noticed Jake put them on upside down lolz. 
Also, at least thrice weekly, I sing "Can it be? Can it be Trixie?" to the tune of that part in Phantom of the Opera where Rouel is all, "Can it be? Can it be Christine?" and then they break into that lovely duet.
Anyways, just in case you were wondering.

I'm off to bed. Pear haps I can sleep off the tears of my ruined academic career.

- - - - -

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  1. Ecclesiastical endorsement. That sounds kinda spooky for some reason... haha. All of this sounds crazy, so I hope it works out! Good luck! sending good vibes