Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I want to slow dance outside Farr's Fresh.

Jen Lindley just stated it perfectly.
"Girls suck."
They just dump you for their boyfriends. Then, once their boyfriend dumps them, they come crawling back to you. Except for now you have a life and have made new friends, but of course you're supposed to ditch all them for your ex best friend who ditched you to begin with.

That's why I hang out with boys for the most part and build Lego's and fight with light sabers and go to gaming release parties and leave early because yet again someone doesn't understand my humor.
Who wants to do hair and make-up and nails when you can watch horror movies and streak through parks and toilet paper houses and go to three story parks late at night? No one. That's right.

Well. I'm going to go now. Not because I have anything better to do, but simply because this typing is distracting me from my Dawson's Creek. (p.s. Zoey, we have much to discuss.)


P.S. If Jen Lindley falls for her therapist (also, if HE falls for HER) then I am going to scream. For roughly 4 seconds. And then hide my face in a pillow and cry tears of rage directed at unrealistic writing.

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