Sunday, August 5, 2012

One panic attack away from happiness.

+white mocha with raspberry from Juice 'N Java
+local artwork
+mountains on campus
+creepy cages in the basement of my future home
+best of friends and future roomies (can't I get a mmmhmmm, Madeline?!?)

"Do you think it's possible to do something without knowing why you're doing it?"

"People drink to cover up what they want."

"It's like when you do things in a dream, and it frightens you because you didn't think that's who you are, but, it's you. Even in a dream it's still you."

I definitely just stole all those from the current episode of Pretty Little Liars I'm watching. Except no boy is giving me his jacket. I feel like teenage boys never even wear jackets to begin with. Teen angsttttt. That's alright, we will wait for suit coats, right!?!?!

I think I'm going to buy a white dress this winter. 
What do you think? 

Oh, and it's never unintentional.

- - - - -

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